Cell Phone Radiation

cell phone radiationCell phone radiation is a fact of life, even as microwaves cook our food. In the United Kingdom, governmental agencies denied that cell phones are dangerous, yet they purchased radiation protectors for government employees. The truth is, cell phone radiation is the cause of many illnesses because of the proximity of users to electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

In cities across the United States, mortality rates and cases of unexplained illness are popping up where new cell phone towers are being erected. Radiation sickness in the form of dizziness, irritably, rashes, and internal bleeding is being blamed on the rising levels of EMR. As a solution, Cell Phone Radiation Protection offers Safe Cell Tab to help alleviate these health issues.

How the Safe Cell Tab Can Help
Each person has a different level of sensitivity to radiation. Use of a cell phone by one person may not negatively effect him, but the same type of cell phone with the same level of EMR can cause migraines in someone else. By attaching the Safe Cell Tab on each cell phone and cordless phone, no matter what the individual level of sensitivity, radiation will be suppressed.

The only way to guarantee total reduction in radiation from your cell phone is to stop using it completely. If this isn't an option for you, the simple act of holding your cell phone one-half inch away from your head can reduce the EMR that passes from your phone to your brain. This action, in combination with the use of the Safe Cell Tab, will reduce the health risks associated with radiation sickness.

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A note about cell phone health risks and cell phone radiation

Cell phones are a potential danger to your health because of the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that they emit. Use caution when using products which emit EMR including cordless phones and wireless routers. Protect yourself by using cell phone radiation shields.


cell phone radiation

cell phone radiation

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